The Zenmuse H20 allows for 23x hybrid optical zoom and a total of 200x magnification.

Zooming in to inspect the smallest details with the Zenmuse H20 allows us to operate our UAV at a safe distance from structures

Applications include wind turbine inspections, cell tower inspections, bridge inspections, search & rescue and more.

Zenmuse H20 Highlights

  • 20MP zoom camera, 12MP wide camera and laser rangefinder 
  • 23x hybrid optical zoom, 200x max zoom
  • -10°C to 50°C operating temperature, IP44 rating
  • Laser rangefinder to max distance of 1.2 km
  • Mark points with the camera and provide co-ordinates to crews on the ground
  • AI spot-check allows for a mission to be flown once and all information captured on that mission with be duplicated on future automated flights